Live Our Values

Like most fans, the Fanatics family is passionate about different sports, teams and players. But above all else, we’re fanatic about family, which includes every customer who visits our sites.

Our Mission

To consider the customer first in everything we do.

The majority of our customers do not live in the same markets as their favorite teams. In order to accommodate these fans all over the world, Fanatics has facilities in multiple states that provide over one million square feet of warehousing and distribution space. And to go above and beyond for our customers, we also have flat rate shipping, several expedited delivery options and international shipping to over 140 countries.

We believe strongly in doing the right thing and holding true to our mission of considering the customer first in everything we do. Because of this mission, Fanatics lives by a set of strong core values to assure excellence in our industry.



A passion and energy for your work and the company fueled by hard work and initiative that drives you to deliver the absolute best result.


We greatly value, respect and recognize the contributions of our team members. We work together to foster a positive company culture that encourages open communication and promotes personal and professional development.


We look forward to challenges and seizing opportunities to raise the bar for ourselves and for our team.


We know our goals and responsibilities, we are dependable and true to our word and we focus on delivering results.


It’s our shared sense of purpose, commitment to helping each other and trust in one another that allows us to accomplish things that we couldn’t have achieved on our own.


We embrace an entrepreneurial spirit and we encourage new ideas so that we can uncover new opportunities to improve the company and inspire each other.


Showing the care, concern and compassion that creates loyal and raving fans.


We strive to maximize the company’s overall effectiveness through great interdepartmental collaboration, including strong relationships, communication and cooperation.

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